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Do Not is a free online game that belongs to the popular genre of io games. In this game, you control a character that runs on a platform full of holes and obstacles. Your goal is to avoid falling off the platform and push other players into the void. The last player standing wins the round.

Do Not is a fun and addictive game that tests your reflexes, agility and strategy. You can choose from different skins and accessories to customize your character, and play with people from all over the world in real time. You can also create your own private rooms and invite your friends to join you.

Do Not is a game that you can play anytime, anywhere, without downloading or installing anything. You just need a browser and an internet connection to enjoy this free io game. Do Not is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, as it has simple controls and easy-to-learn mechanics.

If you are looking for a game that will challenge you and entertain you, Do Not is the game for you. Try it now and see how long you can survive on the platform!

On PC, WASD = move, Space = jump. On Mobile, Tap the buttons or swipe wheels on the screen


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